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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s popularity comes down to its incredible taste, featuring:

  • a medium to intense fruity oil varying with seasonal conditions 

  • a complex aroma

  • olive freshness within a distinct herbaceous flavour

  • a balance of vegetal bitterness and spiciness.

A bite underlies its structure, revealing a significant presence of phenols. This gives the oil its flavour and extraordinary health properties.

Our natural resources and careful extraction process consistently produces unique, quality products. The result is a complex, pleasing oil that leaves the palate fresh and clean once the flavours have dissipated.

Delicate EVOO is a blend from different olive varieties from both ripe fruit and greener types that displays good aroma, fruitiness with a peppery finish.  Apart from salad, it is ideal for that subtle additive to fish and other dishes. Could also be used in cakes and spread on toast as an alternative to margarine or butter.

Distinctive EVOO is a blend of early harvest from green to early ripening fruit. It is stronger or more robust oil that has a strong peppery finish and displays bitterness and pungency. High in anti-oxidants this oil suits tomato based as a flavour enhancer, pasta, curries or where the chef wants full flavours.

Wollundry Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a versatile ingredient that can be used for stir frying, baking, roasting, dressings, dips, spreads, cakes and sweets. For some recipe ideas, visit our Wollundry Grove Kitchen page.

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